Travel Q&A- Meet Jay

November 2, 2018

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A bi-weekly Q&A session with millennial travellers to learn more about their experiences, inspirations and travel tips.

Meet Jay

Hailing from Nigeria, Jay has travelled over 33 countries, her passion to explore the world stems from getting different perspectives of life- “having contracted Polio from a young age and being a black woman has never been a barrier for me to see the world” she comments.


TES: Why do you like travelling?
JAY: It opens up my world to new adventures and possibilities. It also serves as a great reminder to be humble. I make up a very small part of this world.
TES: Your best travel tip?
JAY: When travelling to a new country, if a restaurant has their menu translated into loads of different languages, it’s a tourist trap. And the food will be okay, at best.
TES: Top 3 travel essentials?
JAY: Phone, passport, lip balm


TES: The best place you have travelled to?
JAY: Salvador da Bahia
TES: The worst place?
JAY: The Paris Metro system. That smell is actually wild.
TES: Your next destination
JAY: Spain
Jay hopes to use her Triple Cripples platform to ensure that other women like her are able to flourish and thrive wherever they travel.


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