Travel Q&A- Meet Aisjah

November 30, 2018

Millennials agree that traveling and seeing the world is an intricate part of their lives with 78 percent of them choosing to splurge on experiences over “things.”-

A bi-weekly Q&A session with millennial travellers to learn more about their experiences, inspirations and travel tips.


Meet Aisjah

With 7 countries passport stamped, Aisjah explains how her love for travelling began “with a six-week travel study program to Salvador Bahia, Brazil. It was, undoubtedly, an experience that changed my life and birthed the wanderlust spirit in me”. With a love for the outdoors & adventure she uses her blog (LipstickCoCo) as a platform to share her beauty and lifestyle tips to the world.

TES: Why do you like travelling?

A: I love travelling for 3 reasons: relaxation, learning about new cultures and learning about yourself in these new environments. Its interesting to see how adaptable you are/aren’t or are becoming through each new experience. 

TES: What annoys you about travelling?

A: Hmmm, I try not to get annoyed with travelling because I view it as a blessing to be able to experience different cultures but on that point complainers annoy me. People who I travel with or I meet who complain and compare their experience to their home country is a total turn off. The point of travelling is to be out of your comfort zone. 

TES: Your best travel tip?

A: Travel smart. Leave all your worries at home. Have fun. 

TES: Top 3 travel essentials?

A: 1. Comfy, yet fashionable shoes. 2. Sunblock. 3. Favourite shades

TES: Best place you have travelled to?

A: Colombia: Bogota, Medellin, Cartegena the best blend of culture, adventure and relaxation. Love Love Love!!

TES: Your next destination?

A: Spain I think or Peru (smiles)

TES: Your favourite travel blogger?

A: Asiyami Gold is goals!! Not sure if she considers herself strictly a travel blogger but I like her IG.


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