Travel Q&A- Meet Sonia

October 19, 2018

Millennials may have their phones out at all times, but they’re not just Snapchatting—they’re we’ll informed, constantly consuming information as they look for the best choice possible (emphasis on “choice”).- Conde Nast Traveler

A bi-weekly Q&A session with millennial travellers to learn more about their experiences, inspirations and travel tips.

Meet Sonia!

Life Coach, 50+ travel and lifestyle blogger plus loving grandmother- Sonia Greyson-Newman ticks these boxes and much more. Her mission is to help women jump start their lives and get their sassy back so they can live the life they desire. With over 24 countries travelled Sonia recollects her first travel memory back to when she took a family trip to Jamaica at the age of 8. “I still remember the gashing heat slapping me across the face when the plane doors opened- I was finally getting that first hand experience and to live the tales my mother told growing up. Overwhelmed and excited to put a face to the much talked about family members “.


Photo credit Eulanda Osagiede

TES: Why do you like travelling?
SGN: I find travel is a great way to clear my mind, its like a reset button for me. This may sound cliché, but you learn so much when you travel. The world is a huge place with lots of experiences to embrace. This year I took my first solo trip to Milan, Italy and I loved it. When you travel on your own, you can do whatever you want. This trip stretched me out of my comfort zone and I totally recommend solo travel.

TES: Your best travel tip/advice?
SGN: For me, I love to have a clear idea of what I want from a trip, so if it’s resting, exploring or working- I like to know the pace in advance to prepare mentally. However a major tip would be don’t forget to be respectful to the places you are visiting. Sometimes people can forget this.

TES: Top 3 travel essentials
SGN: Travel adapters and battery packs – as a Blogger/Vlogger I need to ensure that I am connected in order to capture the moments. Secondly, money – it doesn’t have to be a huge amount, but ensure you have enough to experience what you would like whilst on the trip. Lastly, an open mind – life is about embracing new opportunities.

TES: The best place you have travelled to and why?
SGN: So far, Jamaica is always at the top of this list because its beautiful, has a rich and vibrant culture and is the land of my people, so visiting feels like going home. It is the place I have visited the most and my Mum always has my bedroom ready so it really is home from home. However, whilst on a cruise to the Caribbean, I visited Curacao and fell in love with it’s infectious easy going vibe. My husband and I plan to go back and spend a little longer soon.

TES: Worst travel experience?

SGN: Back in my late teens on a trip from Jamaica to the UK, I was in transit via Miami. In those days a visa was required to travel to the USA on a British passport – and I didn’t have one. All passengers in transit without a visa were placed in a holding lounge until they were ready to board their connecting flight. Security was tight with rude staff.When it was time to leave we were led to the aircraft but the immigration officers realised that they had lost my passport which meant I could not board the flight. I would have to be placed in a cell until the passport was found and nobody knew how long that would be.
Scared and alone I had no means of contacting my family who were all still on holiday in Jamaica and without a phone. Luckily the flight was delayed long enough for the immigration officers to search for my passport which was recovered 30 minutes later and returned to me without an apology. I was so grateful to be buckled up and seated on that flight heading back home.


TES: Favourite travel blogger?
SGN: I love the husband and wife duo, Omo and Eulanda Osagiede who run the blog Hey Dip Your Toes In (HDYTI). I love how they manage to immerse themselves in each destination, creating captivating stories that take you along with them, both through their blog posts and on their social media platforms.
As Sonia continues on her mission, she truly finds a blessing in every lesson life throws at her.

“Travel has taught me that the moments I create are the memories I will cherish”


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