Travel Q&A- Meet Victoria

January 11, 2019

Travel is a standard, not an exception – Millennials perceive travel more as a commonality than an exception. They are more comfortably mobile than previous generations.

A bi-weekly Q&A session with millennial travellers to learn more about their experiences, inspirations and travel tips.

Meet Victoria

Victoria Alao, travels for fun and personal enrichment. In 2018, she took about 10 months off work “to travel the world because I was starting to lose my mind with regular routines. This was the best decision I have ever made. Now I am back to the US and traveling as I work a 9-5”

TES: Why do you like travelling?

V: I love meeting new people and trying new foods.

TES: Ever felt vulnerable during your travels? How did you overcome it?

V: When I lost my wallet in April 2018 I felt very vulnerable because I was alone and I did not know how to survive traveling full time. As they say for every problem, there is always a solution so I calmed down and analyzed the situation. I decided to have my friend send me money from my account in the US via Western Union. Some people who I also met along the way were nice enough to withdraw money for me and all I had to do was send the money back to their accounts. In any situation, remaining calm and analyzing possible options usually helps with overcoming vulnerabilities.

In Pettion Ville

TES: Your best travel tip/advice?

V: Always have 2 wallets and divide your cards between both wallets so you will not be completely lost if you lose one. Also, never leave your accommodation with your passport. You can take a picture and store it on your phone. If you lose a wallet or money, the solution to that problem is easy but losing a passport is very vexing and the process of getting a new one abroad is tasking.

TES: Top 3 travel essentials

V: 1. Powerbank 2. Pen (to fill immigration forms upon arrival in a new country) 3. Spare batteries for my camera

TES: The best place you have travelled to and why?

V: This is hard because my answer changes every day. As of today, I will say Taiwan because of the abundance of activities, food and the ease of transportation within the country.

TES: Worst travel experience?

V: Camping in Tanzania and Namibia- never done it in my life and it definitely took some adjusting to.

TES: Where have you been inspired to travel to lately and why?

V: French Polynesia and countries in Oceania (Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu) because of the beauty! I want to see it myself.

TES: If you could relocate where would you go?

V: I will like to relocate to China to teach English. I think the experience will not only be fulfilling but it will also make an impact.

TES: What is the most adventurous trip you have been on?

V: Traveling in Eastern and Southern Africa for 2 months. The trip was filled with adventures, activities and mishaps and everything that happened made the trip better and more memorable.

TES: What annoys you about travelling?

V: Planning a trip in detail and then nothing goes as planned because of weather. I laugh it off because the weather could be unpredictable but it could also be annoying.

Follow up on the travels of Victoria on her blog

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