Black Travel Directory

June 10, 2020

Black voices matter in the Travel industry!

Now more than ever I feel compelled to amplify black voices within the travel industry. An industry that has not always been transparent and can be naive when it comes to diversity, inclusion and recognizing black content creators.

A tweet last week resulted in creating this directory of 200+ black travel brands, creators and service providers. By no means is this a complete list but it can be used by brands to network and get to know us.

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Black Travel Directory has been featured in Timeout London Metro Newspaper

Black Travel Directory

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Amarachi says:

Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for compiling this list and thanks for including my details too.

[…] Follow and support BIPOC content creators and travel journalists – subscribe to their newsletters, seek them out when you’re going to a new destination, follow them on Instagram or Facebook, share their work – all free! Here’s a directory from Travel Eat Slay of 200 Black travel content creators!!! […]

traveleatslay1 says:

Thank you for sharing this directory. Let’s amplify voices of black creatives.

This is an amazing directory y’all put together. Thank you for doing this and amplifying black creative voices! ??

traveleatslay1 says:

Thank you! Just a small way to help black creatives get noticed in the travel space. 🙂

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Iman says:

This is a wonderfully comprehensive directory. Thanks for including Booked by Iman!

traveleatslay1 says:

Not a problem. Continue doing your amazing work.

Thank You so much for featuring all these amazing creatives and moreso Wangechi Gitahi Travels. ?I highly appreciate

traveleatslay1 says:

No problem, continue doing what you are doing!!

[…] its recovery. As a way of amplifying black voices in the travel industry, I also created the Black Travel Directory a resource showcasing over 200 black travel brands, content creators and service providers. […]

traveleatslay1 says:

Thank you for the feature and giving us the opportunity to share with your readers.

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