Travel Q&A-Meet Sam

December 28, 2018

Even millennials whose friends aren’t jetting off can still use social media for travel inspiration. They log onto sites like Pinterest and Instagram to find the places they want to see and experience on their own.

A bi-weekly Q&A session with millennial travellers to learn more about their experiences, inspirations and travel tips.

With a travel blog called SOSTravelUK, Sam launched this blog out of a real passion for travel in 2016. Following some difficult years of job searching and knock backs, she decided to follow her dream and start blogging. She recalls her first travel memory being “in Kenya on safari aged 3, when the Masai leader wanted to buy my doll blondie, there was a lot of tears and I ran straight to our driver John”. 

TES: Why do you like travelling?

Sam: I love travelling because it opens the mind and you get to learn lots about other cultures and meet people you would never have come into contact with normally.

TES: Your best travel tip?

Sam: My best travel tip would be to never rule out a country because of what you hear, always try new places as it could happily surprise you.

TES: The best place you have travelled to and why?

Sam: Hawaii, Maui especially as it holds great family memories and I returned to get married here in 2011 to Adam. It will always be my special place. 

TES: Worst travel experience?

Sam: I haven’t really had any bad travel experiences, there are places I prefer over others but nowhere I have really experienced trouble. There are ups and downs on most trips but this is what makes travel so real!!

TES: Where have you been inspired to travel to lately and why?

Sam: I felt inspired this year to travel to Israel, after attending the Destinations Travel Show in Manchester in January and speaking with a representative from the Israel tourist board. Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan city that acts as a gateway to some of the worlds most historical sites, including Bethlehem and Jerusalem. I can’t recommend it highly enough! 

TES: Ever felt vulnerable during your travels? How did you over come it?

Sam: I get asked this question a lot and it’s mainly due to my travels to Morocco, my answer is always this. You wouldn’t walk down a dark alley alone at home so why would you do that abroad. My husband Adam always says, if it doesn’t feel right it generally isn’t! Use your common sense.

TES: How do you plan your trips?

Sam: I plan each trip differently, some are spontaneous and others require a lot more planning to ensure I can see as much as possible. In the world of the Internet it has made travel planning so much easier. Don’t be afraid to ask people for tips and help on social media, as this is where you can discover hidden gems. 

TES: What annoys you about travelling?

Sam: The main thing that annoys me about travelling is airports, as over the years it has never evolved from queues and carousels, no matter how organised you are it is always a stress and my best tip is to book a lounge to relax in pre flight, as often two drinks at the bar in an airport is equal to the lounge entry. 

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