Travel Q&A: Meet Adebola

October 4, 2019

A survey done by Contiki found that over half of millennials would give up sex in order to travel around the world.

Adebola a Travel & Lifestyle Blogger recalls her first travel memory as “when I did a study abroad in Singapore– a modern City-State in the heart of Southeast Asia. With Singapore just a stone throw away from the most magical places: the coral islands of the Philippines, party beaches in Thailand and the quirky concrete jungles of Tokyo, and within an hour’s flight (or two), I was transported to another world” she explains.

TES: Why do you like travelling?

Disneyland Paris

Ade: I love travelling because it gives me a sense of escape; an escape from reality and sometimes to recharge and reflect on my life. When I’m away, I’m not fulfilling exceptions. I am living for myself, I am running into the sea, I am going paragliding and I am living for me. I love travelling to try new foods and meet new people. Travelling teaches me about who I am as a person, the person I aspire to be and the goals I’d like to achieve for myself.

TES: Your best travel tip/advice?

Ade: I always recommend doing a study exchange! I believe doing this has enabled me to do most of my travelling. If you are no longer studying, then find a way of moving abroad. I believe everyone should move aboard once in their life. It’s an excellent way to experience other cultures and travel.

TES: Top 3 travel essentials?

Ade: I would have to say my passport, my phone and my HUDA Beauty Eyelashes. Can’t take a picture without my eyelashes on lol!

TES: The best place you have travelled to and why?

Tirta Gangga

Ade: Ahh, that is a really hard one. It really depends what you mean by the best place. I guess I have to say Singapore because I may be biased since I lived there and never got into any trouble (despite Singapore being one of the most law-abiding countries in the world).

TES: How has travel changed you?

Ade: As a black female traveller it can be a beautiful or traumatic experience. Travelling has made me who I am today, it has taught me to have patience and real understanding. Travel has had a big impact on the person that I am today and I am glad to have opened myself to such opportunities.

TES: Worst travel experience?

Ade: My worst travel experience was travelling to Athens, Greece. The experience was so traumatising it has left me incredibly shaken up. I went to Athens, recently to meet my boyfriend’s parents (this was already nerve raking). The plan was to see the sites of Athens and I was excited about visiting the Parthenon at the Acropolis. During my visit, a guard made false accusations claiming that I flashed my genitals to the public. Of course, this was a complete lie with no proof. The police didn’t consider there was no proof and kept me in custody for over 24 hours.
I went to court the following day, where I told the truth of what really happened to the judges. Although the guard claimed there was CCTV, this was never presented in court as a result I denied the charges and was acquitted.

TES: Where have you been inspired to travel to lately and why?

Ade: I really want to start travelling to Africa. I want to change the poor perceptions of how Africa is portrayed to the world. There are some beautiful places to go to in Africa and I would love to view them myself. I would like to start with Ghana, Gambia, Uganda and South Africa. 

TES: What is the most adventurous trip you have been on?

Ade: I’ve had many adventurous trips, but one I can remember was travelling around Malaysia. I have a friend that lives between Singapore and Malaysia and we went to several places in Malaysia. I remember trekking up to go and see a waterfall and my friend fell and had a minor concussion. At this point, had a breakdown and pleaded with her for us to go back and get help! She was adamant that we continue and once we got up to the top, we enjoyed the waterfall. 

TES: Ever felt vulnerable during your travels? How did you overcome it?

Ade: I always feel vulnerable when I am travelling as a black female, particularly in a country that doesn’t speak English. It can be more intimidating when I’m going by myself and I’m walking alone, particularly at night.
Athens, Greece

Other cases are when I am stopped at airports and officers ask intrusive questions about my intention of the country I am travelling to. “How long am I staying, why am I here, or you have travelled to a lot of countries how do you afford it”. I have learnt to brush it under the carpet, it’s not every day they see a black female that has her stuff together and can travel with her own money!

The icing on the cake has to be my experience in Athens. I couldn’t believe and still can’t comprehend why someone would make a lie about someone because of a dress. The guard could have simply refused me entry or asked me to leave, but instead they felt it was wise to go to the police and make up a lie. 
 TES: Things that annoy you about travelling? 

Ade: There are number of things that annoy me about travelling the worst is delayed flights. I don’t mind if it’s longer than 3 hours so I can claim compensation but if its 2 hours and 50 mins that can be quite upsetting. ☹

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