Strangers to Travel Buddies

February 7, 2019

“When I say Travel, you Eat Slay, TravelEatSlay, TravelEatSlay” the chant we hollered standing at Castle Hill in Nice. 

Litty Squad, 2019

On the 30th of January, 7 strangers, (black girls) boarded a Ryanair flight for a day trip to Nice. It all started with an Instagram story and tweet seeking travel buddies and the rest is history. I was joined by Debbie @wanderlustcalls, Sonia @soniagreysonnewman, Saraiya @saraiyabah, Lizzy @go.lizzy.go, Regina @reginajaiy and Tee @stwfblog 

The term “litty committee” must have been coined for us as we vibed off each other from the offset – the 7am early flight did not deter our spirits and a semi full flight meant we all secured a window seat -what a way to start the trip. 

Arriving into Nice Côte d’Azur Airport our driver took us to our Air BnB. Once checked in with our host Juliette, we headed for brunch at a cute cafe called Lapopotedondine and  satisfied our craving for pancakes. The service in this cafe was top notch given the fact they made an exception to serve us pancakes outside their breakfast hours plus personalized our hot beverages.

Belly full, our walking tour kicked off at Palace Massena then led to Garibaldi Square towards the promenade. Frolicking and dipping our toes in the sea felt refreshing before heading to the I Love Nice sign. One of the best lookout spots in Nice has to be Castle Hill especially at sunset. The views are dreamy and incomparable- the hike up was intense but worth it.

Unlike the typical memes of group trips which usually ends up being a solo trip as everyone else has backed out I am very grateful to have met and travelled with these lovely ladies, we are currently chatting about our next group trip.

Highlights of the full trip are on Instagram

Breakdown of the trip:

Flights: £19.98 return

Return coach to Stansted airport: £11
Accommodation: £22.80 each
Airport transfers in Nice: € 100 return taxi for the group

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