Mo-POW Audio Portable Speaker- Review

September 27, 2019

“Put your hands in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care” that is the freedom “MO” a portable speaker from PowAudio gives you. Ditch your headphones and let the sounds from your favourite track or podcast vibrate through this speaker.

Day out in Shoreditch with Mo

When collapsed it fits into your pocket, bag or if you prefer you can clip it onto your belt. Another neat feature is the magnetic base meaning you can attach it to any suitable metal surface. While cooking or washing dishes I enjoy attaching Mo to my fridge and find that this increases its sound output. Did I mention that it comes in two colours? White or graphite- each purchase includes a magnetic universal mount and wallet, USB-C charging cable, a guide and a POW sticker.

Dine with Mo

Though the speaker has no “Alexa” voice controls, I do appreciate its simple but chic design and with only two buttons to navigate it means you do not have to be a tech-wizz to operate it. Powered up, the exclaimed soundbite “POW” let’s you know that it is ready for use. Next the Bluetooth pairing, I have to admit trying to pop out this squishable speaker can be annoying but is not a deal breaker. A blinking blue light indicates that Mo is ready to be paired and once paired the blue light stays solid.

My new travel companion

8 hours battery life in one charge- say it isn’t so? As a traveller having an on-demand jukebox while roaming the world is a big deal on top of that its light weight frame mean it will not weigh my bag down. Conclusion; it is safe to say I have found a new travel companion in Mo.

Disclaimer: This Pow Audio portable speaker was sent to me for a review. However, all thoughts and opinions remain mine.

The POW Audio Mo retails at approx. £79.00. Visit for more information. Follow them on social media:

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