How To Visit London As The Lockdown Eases

June 16, 2020

Everyone knows about the challenges cities like London have faced with the Covid-19 outbreak. Admittedly as an advocate for day trips I am counting down to when the travel ban is lifted, as they are a budget-friendly way to escape London and explore Europe.

As the world starts to get back to normal, but the UK still remains banned from some countries, I have shifted my focus on exploring more what my “backyard” has to offer. But what exactly will you need to do to be able to visit a place like London as it comes out of a lockdown? Let’s find out.

PPE & Social Distancing

Even when face masks and gloves aren’t mandatory, they can do a lot to protect you and those around you, while also making everyone feel better about spending time in your presence. Many businesses in London aren’t letting people inside without the right PPE, so it’s worth taking it with you just in case. Along with this, you will also need to pay close attention to social distancing rules and carry a bottle of anti-bacterial.

Plan Around The Crowds

While the pandemic is easing, it’s still crucial that visitors to cities like London are extremely careful. Plan in advance to avoid the crowds this means staying well away from public transport during rush hour. This could have the potential to force you to make a compromise on the things you’d like to see.

The Right Accommodation

In the case that you require a place to stay when you visit, hotels are going to be a risky place to visit for quite some time. With a range of challenges including the hygiene standards as some will be doing more to keep themselves clean than others. Thankfully, Aparthotels from London Serviced Apartments won’t have this problem, as they will naturally keep guests separated from one another during their stay.

Avoid The Unnecessary

Choosing to travel at a time like this will be risky but at the same time, you can also handle something like this completely safely and without breaking the rules. Avoiding unnecessary contact with other people will be a big part of this, and this will be hard for some people. Going to clubs, parties, or busy restaurants will be a bad idea, and you may have to sacrifice these elements of your break to stay safe.

Final Thoughts

With the summer holiday season fast approaching, travellers across the world are eager to get back to their adventures. How far you will be able to go is variable, you have to be very careful with where you visit at the moment. If you plan to travel to London, it will be crucial that you keep an eye on the news and be in the know as situations develop.

Will you be visiting London this summer? What are your thoughts on navigating around the city as lockdown eases?

Please note this is a collaborative post.

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