Day Trip to Waterloo: What to See and Do

April 21, 2022

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Day Trip to Waterloo: What to See and Do

Most of us try to make every second count. When we eat our favorite meal, we go out of our way to savor that last bite. If a date is going great, we won’t check what time it is. Day trips are all about making sure that every minute matters on your vacation. Doubly so if you’re visiting a far-off location. Waterloo is probably one of Belgium’s most popular tourist destinations. That’s saying something, considering how many visitors Belgium gets each year.

A day trip to Waterloo can be an amazing experience…if you know how to properly plan it out. Luckily for you, planning these sorts of outings is one of our specialties. We know tons of great restaurants to dine at, plenty of amazing museums to visit, and a myriad of eye-popping attractions to admire. Simply put, we’ll show you how to make the most of every moment in Waterloo. Don’t waste any time dragging around extra baggage. Use a secure luggage storage service to store your things.

FeliXart Museum

Felix De Boeck was a leading figure in Belgium’s abstract art movement. His works inspired many other artists to hit the canvas and let their creativity truly run wild. De Boeck passed away in 1995, but his legacy lives on through his art and through the FeliXart Museum

Hundreds of mind-bending abstract art pieces are housed here. Guests are invited to visit this museum in the municipality of Drogenbos and broaden their horizons. FeliXart also hosts numerous exhibits during the year. Some are mainstays, others cycle in and out each month. All are guaranteed to leave an impression on you.


Waterloo is a city that values its greenspaces. Hallerbos is proof of that. This sprawling forest has an area of about 552 hectares. “Hecta” as in “hundreds of acres”. Hallerbos has many other distinct traits aside from its size. People come in droves to see fields of bluebell flowers and rare animals. 

There are also quite a few trails that wind through the forest. This is the kind of place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, if only for a day. Greenspaces like Hallerbos remind us why it’s important to take care of our environment. 

Hougoumont Farm

Have you heard the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words”? Well, we feel that applies to buildings as well. The way a skyscraper is designed, the dents, dings, and scratches you might find on a cathedral – all of these features contribute to a larger, grander story. Hougoumont Farm is a wizened building that contributes to the story of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

To be more specific, Hougoumont Farm was a key location during the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington commanded their forces to fight tooth and nail for this farm. Some historians feel that the outcome of these conflicts shaped the very future of Belgium. Think that sounds dramatic? Read on and see if you still feel that way.

Momo la Crevette

French cuisine is extremely popular in Belgium, and especially favored in Waterloo. You can’t walk down most streets without finding several cafes. Momo la Crevette prides itself on serving delicious French and Belgian food. As the name implies, the crevette is a specialty dish here. 

For those who don’t know, this specific delicacy is similar to shrimp, but with its own distinct taste. This establishment also has a very cozy, small-town diner feel. Momo is the perfect place to grab lunch or dinner. Their service, atmosphere, and delicious food are easily worth your time. 

Royal Lebanon

Kofta, Shish tawook, baba ganoush — these dishes are staples of Lebanese cuisine. They’re also the sort of dishes that Royal Lebanon is famous for. This local establishment is widely regarded as Waterloo’s premiere Lebanese and Mediterranean restaurant. Royal Lebanon prides itself on bringing authentic Middle Eastern cuisine to Waterloo. 

Their menu is jam-packed with savory shish kebabs and hearty bowls of hummus. Royal Lebanon also offers plenty of Vegetarian options for guests who can’t eat meat. You can order your meals for takeout or delivery, but we urge you to visit in person and experience this restaurant’s amicable atmosphere. 

Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

Wat Thaï Dhammaram

Waterloo is a city that embraces all cultures and all walks of life. But you probably knew that already, now that you’re more than halfway through this day trip. However, you might not have known about this hidden gem – Wat Thai Dhammaram. This Buddhist temple is tucked away in Waterloo

Even folks who’ve lived in the city for years don’t know about it. Anyone who does visit this Thai-style temple will be greeted with kind monks and a serene atmosphere. Wat Thaï Dhammaram also hosts a monthly market of sorts. Here, you can purchase food and clothes to support local artisans. A trip to this temple will do wonders for the mind and spirit. 

Waterloo Battlefield

It was sort of inevitable that we’d talk about this place. From the moment we started writing this article, we knew that we had to discuss the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington fought fiercely at Hougoumont Farm. 

However, the battle that took place here marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars – and Napoleon’s esteemed military career. Today, this massive field features statues and plaques that detail both Napoleon and the Duke’s battle plans. This venue simply radiates history and is considered hallowed ground by many people.

Wellington Museum

We’ve made several comments about the Duke of Wellington, so we had to mention this venue. Before he was the Iron Duke, before he defeated Napoleon the Great, the Duke of Wellington was just Arthur Wellesley. 

The Wellington Museum is actually the former home of Mr. Wellesley. Records show that he lived in this house before and after he battled Napoleon in 1815. Guests are encouraged to visit this place and walk a mile in the Duke’s shoes.

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