50+ UK Black Travel Bloggers you need to know

March 16, 2021

The travel industry still lacks diversity and Black travel bloggers are not well represented especially those from the UK. Last year, at the time when anti-racism movements had taken off across the world, I created The Black Travel Directory. This directory of over 250 Black brands, content creators, bloggers and international service providers came out of frustrations on the lack of recognition within the travel industry. Although “diversity and inclusion” has been a buzzword for some time; not many brands are putting it into practice. This list was created with the hopes of helping PR brands to make a conscious effort to diversify their events, marketing campaigns and press trips.

When it comes to highlighting Black travel bloggers, the UK can be overlooked in comparison to our American counterparts who are vocal about their achievements. I am sharing a list of over 50 UK Black travel bloggers you need to know that are inspiring people to travel the world within their own niche.

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Hey Dip Your Toes In

Award-winning, TEDx speaker, digital marketers, and social influencers Eulanda and Omo Osagiede run the popular travel, food, and lifestyle blog HDYTI. Follow their content to explore the tastes, sounds and stories of the world. Instagram @dipyourtoesin

Caribbean & Co

Having been nominated and won some travel media awards, Ursula Barzey promotes Caribbean travel, culture and its expanding luxury lifestyle to potential visitors from across the globe including US, Canada and UK markets. Instagram @caribbeanandco

A July Dreamer 

You can expect budget travel across Europe, UK staycations, travel guides and lifestyle tips. Miranda also shares personal thoughts on the best local eateries in Oxford, Reading and London. Instagram: @ajulydreamer


As a disabled black woman Jay focus on the different sights, sounds and smells of the places she has visited and the different attractions available to travellers. Both places that are well known and lesser known parts of the world. She is co-founder of The Triple Cripples a ground-breaking show, podcast and platform for femmes and non-binary people of colour living with a disability. Instagram @jayonlife

Jump in to the Map

Travelling couple Jason and Sekai take us along as they explore the world on an affordable budget. They have grown a supportive community where they share humorous travel stories, tips and resources. Instagram @jumpintothemap

Jenna’s Worldview

As well as writing about self-love, personal development and amplifying the voice of black women, Jenna documents her travel adventures and shares tips on her favourite cities and experiences. Instagram @jennasworldview

Memoirs Musings

Specialising in affordable luxury, solo travel and a sprinkle of beauty. Char hopes to inspire her readers through her humour, witty and honest conversations about life, love and travel. She is also co-host to Hustle Hotline podcast. Instagram @char_x.o


The aim for Jess is to inspire you to find culture wherever you go. With every trip she shares her discoveries of new cultures and experiences as a black woman. Instagram @road2culturedom

Sarah Toyin

Travel and lifestyle blog that is aimed at travellers who would like to challenge themselves through new experiences like moving abroad or travelling solo. If you are looking for advice about moving abroad, teaching abroad or general solo travel tips Sarah is here to help. Instagram @heysarahtoyin


Helping you to travel smart and cook nutritious food from around the world. Joyce also runs a travel consultancy business providing services to help clients meet their personal travel needs. Instagram @diywithjoy_

Travelling Tuesdays

GenZ and solo travel advocate Abena is inspiring young people to travel and make it a priority while following their passion. Loaded with resourceful travel advice and inspiration she documents her travels. She has also launched her own Lightroom presets to help step up your photo editing game. Instagram @travellingtuesdays

Tanaka Travels

With a mission to change the way women travel, Tanaka focuses on accessibility and safety. Embark on a journey of style, photography and adventure. After showcasing her solo adventures, 2018 birthed Tanaka Travels group trips. Every year I host a women- only group trip. Instagram @tanakatravels

Wonders of Wanders

Immersive storyteller Davida brings you stories of the world with heart and humour. From travel guides, podcast, food tales and cultural happenings, she aims to inform, delight and, distract her readers in the most thrilling sense of the word. Instagram @wonderowanders

Life with Bugo

Pictorial diary of International and UK Travels, enjoy as Bugo shares her upbeat life, travelling in style and positive travel stories. Instagram @lifewithbugo

Black Kintsugi

Dedicated to showing you that travelling can be easy, safe and most importantly do-able. Pelumi has created the Kintsugi Nation community teaching people how they can explore the world on their own terms not limited by fear or their pockets. Instagram @blackkintsugi

Flights and Feelings

Besties and travel buddies Abi and Lulu document and share their world of affordable European weekend getaways as well as the best brunch spots and music events the UK has to offer. Instagram @flightsandfeelings

Hues of Delahaye

Photographer and vlogger Donna-Kay shares helpful tips like how to bag cheap flights, the best times to book your holidays and simple ways to budget for a trip. She has also launched her own Lightroom presets to help step up your photo editing game. Instagram @huesofdelahaye

It’s All Bee

With a focus on affordable luxury with a side of kick-ass adventure, Bianca brings you local hidden gems and travel tips of the countries she explores. Instagram @itsallbee

Passport Pages

The mission for Renee is to empower people through the gift of travel and equip them with the knowledge they need to take their first solo trip with confidence. Instagram @passportpages


Focusing on affordable luxury travel, food and bucket-list experiences. Meg’s passion for researching the coolest places and sharing recommendations with friends led to her documenting her adventures online. Instagram @Megfabulous

Travel with Melanin

Championing Black people in travel, beauty and business. Vivienne is the founder of Melanin Travel a digital platform that provides news, advice and resources for travellers of the African diaspora. Instagram @travelwithmelanin

My Breakingviews

Sharing not only her travels and dishes from around the world. Ade hopes to take her audience through a journey when cooking with me where they can learn tips of a country. Ade is co-founder of Black Travel Creators- a community for black bloggers, YouTubers and Podcasters. Instagram @mybreakingviews

Nyam with Ny

The spicy food connoisseur, Nyasha creates delicious recipes and shares various spicy dishes from across the globe especially from Asia and the Caribbean. Instagram @nyamwithny

Travel with Tolu

Focused on affordable luxury travel and style Tolu share tips/resources and posts of her travel experiences. Instagram @travelwithtolu

Trippin With Sj

Follow two friends Sarah and Jemimah as they take each other on wild adventures with their International travels. Providing free travel guides, showing Black faces enjoying travel and sharing tips. Instagram @trippinwithsj

The Holiday Helper

A travel lover who has visited several countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Kojo shares his travel experiences and actionable travel tips. The Holiday Helper is also travel company offering travel planning services, brand reviews and content creation. Instagram @holidayhelperr

Ajala Travels

From presenting international news as a broadcaster on the BBC, to making documentaries, blogging, and travelling. Hannah finds new ways of telling stories in a way that will attract audiences that are often misrepresented. Instagram: @ajalatravels


After achieving her goal of 25 countries before her 25th birthday, Debbie shares solo travel advice and tips on overcoming travel fears. She is co-founder of Black Travel Creators- a community for black bloggers, YouTubers and Podcasters. Instagram @wanderlustcalls

Woman Crossing Borders

Connecting with indigenous diaspora all over the world, Nora showcases her solo travel experiences. Instagram @womancrossing borders

Wonder Where I Wander

Sharing her travel stories and capturing the magic and essence of everywhere she goes, Rose hopes to inspire her audience no matter their budge to go somewhere new. Instagram @wonderwhereiwander

Travel with Tatum

Carefully crafted for all that would like to see the world and all the hidden gems. Tatum is always seeking adventures, thrills and capturing the most alluring features of the cities she visits. Instagram @travelwithtatum

Tolas Adventures

An unrepentant traveller who loves to see new spaces and experience different cultures, Tola shares her adventures while juggling being a mother of 3 and a wife. Instagram @tolasadvetures

Black Girl Nomads

Sharing her love for travel and the unique experiences faced whilst travelling solo as a Black British woman, Yasmin created  her blog to dissect, discuss and share her travel experiences whilst connecting with other Black women who enjoy travelling. Instagram @blackgirlnomads

That Tall Lady

Encouraging you to find beauty in the here and now Adaeze wants you to enjoy and make the most of where you are now, not waiting for the next big vacation or move. She does this by being a tourist in my town and showing more of my beautiful home – Scotland. Instagram @thattalllady

The Woman In Transit

Sharing travel guides, tips and resources, Annabel hopes to inspire you to put yourself out there and see the world for the beautiful and exciting place that it is. Instagram @thewomanintransit

Ashlee Moyo

Through her blog Ashlee, showcases beautiful destinations around the world, travelling on a budget and in particular, experiences of solo travelling as a female. Instagram: @ashleemoyo

BLD Experiences

The aim of this blog is to deliver enthusiastic and insightful experiences travelling whilst being a Black, Lesbian, Disabled woman. Instagram @bld_experiences

Elvy’s Blog

A twenty-something female disabled and mixed race person, Elvy shares experiences of wheelchair accessible travel and living. Twitter @accessbyelvy

Lateef Saka

MSc graduate with an interest in politics, style, food and travel. Lateef shares skincare, travel and general lifestyle tips. Instagram @lateefsaka


Personal storyboard where all things travel, inspiration, food, poetry and lifestyle are documented. Instagram @lei.noire

Lerease Travels

Lerease focuses on affordable luxury holidays and experiences across the globe, giving you an honest review of the best things. Instagram @lereasetravels

Live Share Travel

An award-winning luxury travel blog by Sarah & Terry Lee who enjoy helping our readers travel the world without it costing them a fortune – liberating luxury on every trip. Instagram @livesharetravel

Lynda Konde

A journalist, editor, photographer and content creator. She has written for publications around the world including Ideal Magazine, The Corsair, Paow Magazine, Culture Trip and Boundless Magazine. Instagram @lyndakonde

What The Doctor Recommends

Connect with Noreen and discover more about Luxe on a Budget Tours or Prescription Travel Experiences. Instagram @thedrrecommends

Maverick Goddess

True stories and written thoughts told through the eyes of a cosmopolitan Black Woman born and raised in London. Instagram @maverickgoddess

Shaded Road

Offering travel stories, guidance, and humour from those that have travelled or are doing it and most importantly People that look like You and Me. A travel resource dedicated to people of colour who have either taken the opportunity to travel, or intending to do. Instagram @shadedroad_

Shes Up and Away

Prepared for take off as Charlotte takes you along her journeys; not only to new places, but also my daily travels through learning and living this amazing thing we’re in called life. Instagram @charlotte.upandaway

Solo Black Traveler

With a goal to see at least 50% of the world, follow Kozo as she learns about different cultures, and shares her adventures and tips as a black solo traveller. Instagram @soloblacktraveler

The 5 to 9 Traveller

Tayo exhibits off the scale delight when she travels and explores. She uses her blog as an outlet to share her eclectic narratives and photos of the beautiful world I get to see, packed full of adventure. Inspiring her readers to go out there and have an adventure even with a 9 to 5. Instagram @the5to9traveller


Created as a resource so that everyone can live an aspirational yet attainable life. Bisola believes that your standards on lifestyle, travel, fitness, and beauty shouldn’t have to be lowered based on a budget. Instagram @bisola_ak

Mimi’s Travel Dreams

A family travel diary, sharing fun, luxury, yet affordable holidays for my family. Instagram @mimis.traveldreams

The Discoveries of

Award-winning blogger Julianna Barnaby it delves into the cool, interesting and quirky spots that make London such a dynamic city. Instagram @thediscoveriesof

The Palateport

With a travel style of boujie on budget, Temi shares her stories on exploring the world through food.

The S Road

A motorbiker, snowboarder and traveller Sarah hopes to inspire others to be adventurous. Instagram @thesroad

The Tiger Tales

Covering family, lifestyle and travel led by Maria a Trinidad-born and Surrey based blogger. Instagram @msxpat


Francophile and a born and bred Londoner covering travel, London life, culture and films. Instagram @franglais27tales

The Black Girl and her backpack



UK Black Travel Bloggers

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UK Black Travel Bloggers

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