5 Beautiful and Sustainable gifts for travel lovers

November 27, 2020

As a frequent traveller, there is nothing I love more than finding beautiful and sustainable gifts for travel lovers because I know they will appreciate them as much as I do. Travel and sustainability go hand in hand and when people talk about sustainable travel, they mean travelling in such a way that you place a high value on protecting the environment and ensuring tourism does not cause long term damage to natural resources and cultures. As a traveller, I want to do my part as well as support my fellow travellers to do the same.

I am sure everyone is as eager to travel as soon it’s safe to do so and to prepare your friends and loved ones I have compiled a list of 5 beautiful and sustainable gifts for travel lovers that every traveller will absolutely love. Over the last several years of solo travel, I have invested in sustainable products and removed as much single use plastics as possible. We don’t have to wait until its Christmas to gift a travel lover something sustainable that they can utilise on their travels – you can gift them that any time.

Beautiful and Sustainable gifts for travel loversDisclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Jungle Culture

5 Beautiful and Sustainable gifts for travel lovers

One of my favourite quotes on travel and sustainability reads; “most of the damage we cause to the planet is the result of our own ignorance” and I think this is so true. Whenever we travel somewhere new, it’s imperative to leave only the footprints but take all the memories (and our rubbish) back home with us. In order to do my part and not be part of the problem but the solution, I have compiled a list of these beautiful and sustainable gifts that every traveller will love – I know I do.

Bamboo Water Bottle

Beautiful and Sustainable gifts for travel lovers

Every traveller knows the importance of (1) having your own water bottle and (2) how cost effective it is not to have to buy bottled water and (3) you reduce the single plastic usable. In the last 5 years I have gone through a number of water bottles and its only recently I tried bamboo water bottles like this from Wearth London. I love that they keep cold drinks and water cooler for a longer period and they also donate 10% of their profits to charity.

Sustainable Straws

Over the last couple of years, most restaurants near me have started to replace plastic straws with either metallic straws or bamboo straws. *Jungle Culture is a well-known brand that produces high quality bamboo straws as well as metallic straws which are eco-friendly as well as reusable. I am someone who doesn’t like to share my cutlery and worse my straws, so I always travel with my own.

Beautiful and Sustainable gifts for travel lovers

Jungle Culture is a company that was born to remedy the 50+ year old problem of single use straws and replacing them with eco-friendly and reusable options. You can read all about their story and/or buy some of their wonderful eco-friendly products.

Artisan Coconut Bowls

Whilst many eco-friendly and sustainable companies make their own version of coconut bowls, my absolute favourite come from the company just called ‘Coconut Bowls’. They are a brand that manufacture artisan coconut bowls in rural communities were coconuts grow, their products are ethically sourced and responsibly shipped. I own a few of their coconut bowls and absolutely recommend them.

beautiful and sustainable gifts for travel lovers

Lush chewable toothpaste

Until recently, I was not a fan of chewable toothpaste as I am a devout advocate of Colgate brand, but we needed to change and move with the times. Over the years I have tried a few chewable toothpastes that I have taken on international trips and was not convinced I would stick with them until I tried the Toothy tabs from Lush and absolutely love them.

Bamboo Toothbrush

It has been over a year now since I switched to a bamboo toothbrush and I am not going back to plastic toothbrushes. There is something about owning a bamboo toothbrush that sets it apart from your traditional plastic toothbrush and I cannot recommend them enough. I bought mine from Be-Mindful and absolutely love it, not only is biodegradable but also vegan friendly.

Sometimes it can seem daunting for those not well versed on sustainable gifts for travellers to find the best gift but these days I feel is easier than way back when. If you are unsure whether to buy all the items mentioned above or what to buy, I would recommend a zero waste travel gift set which is just the perfect gift for every traveller, it can be used both during the travels as well as at home.

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