Prague: cheaper than a train ticket to Manchester

May 23, 2019

Should I spill the tea on how my day trip to Prague last week only cost £43? Cheaper than a train ticket from London to Manchester.

Some will say it’s Photoshoped but the real deal is Prague is one of the cheapest/budget friendly cities I have travelled to, with a day pass costing a mere £3 allowing you to gallivant the city via any mode of public transportation what more could you ask for? 

All we need is Love

A 8:35am return flight from Stansted airport cost £29.98 and the #TravelEatSlay group trip was underway, joined by Miranda @ajulydreamer Cherene @kimikobean Faisa @_faysworld Ade@mybreakingviews Alice @alicedelaghetto Wande @ms_wandz Lydia @lydiaoso Johnny @johnnyenglish247 Glynis @gkuffuor Michelle @tyra_banke Kaylee @munchiesmovements Jenna @jennasworldview Olu @dupefiasco9Siobhain @itsmeshivz  

Prague Squad

Arriving at the airport and having purchased our day passes from the Prague Tourist Bureau info desk. The first stop was brunch at a waffle cafe called Waf-Waf. Beyond the cute and Instagram worthy deco this cafe is a must for waffle lovers. With a great selection of toppings you get to customize your experience. Prior to our visit I arranged a partnership with the cafe for complimentary drinks for the group. Brunch for a Waftella (American style pancakes drizzled with nutella, mascarpone oreo bits and berries) all for £3, plus my complimentary chocolate milkshake.

Our tourist behaviour continued onto the Wallenstein Place gardens with no entrance fee we wandered around the gardens adorned with peacocks, large gold fish and statues. Time was not on our side to explore the gardens fully, we passed through the St Vitus Cathedral church for a quick snap on our way to the Charles Bridge.

Standing as the staple of the city, connecting the city’s old town to the castle area it is a must see though I would recommend climbing the tower to get an aerial view of the city costing only £3. Located nearby the inscribed words “All you need is Love” along with Lennon images, Beatles song lyrics art and graffiti are written on the John Lennon Wall. Though it is not tradition grub we had dinner at Sofram a Turkish restaurant for £5 no one was complaining.

Returning to the airport, my heart was full of joy and could only reflect on what a fun day and experience we had- a day out in a different country with like-minded people. Not to mention that though the weather was grey and rainy we looked beyond it and lived our best lives.

Lennon Wall

There you have it folks – cheers to the next day trip!

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Miranda says:

We had such an amazing time and I am excited for the next. I honestly did not put much value in day trips to outside the UK but I am a convert now. Thanks, lovely.

Roo says:

Looking at going to Prague so thanks for this

traveleatslay1 says:

Glad this could be of help ?

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