Buss down “Norwegiana”

May 7, 2019

“This transaction cost £20” the notification on my Monzo app pinged. This Oslo trip was off to an expensive start. While planning for the trip I came across a few blogs warning how steep prices can be therefore opted for a day trip to avoid breaking the bank with an overnight stay.

A one way ticket from the airport to the city centre cost £20 (the same price the return flight cost from London Stansted WTF indeed). There are two options to get to the city and despite asking a member of staff to avoid the hefty option that’s what we ended up boarding.

Oslo squad

The trip was joined by Abi & Lulu @flightsandfeelings, Elle @ellemacuk, Montana @becomingmontana,  Liza @spontaneous_travel, Jess @road2culturedom, Taboka @aruzamt, Meka @meka.montana and Tatum @travel.with.tatum.

Though coming from London a city that is considered to be expensive but has budget friendly shortcuts to help your money stretch further, Oslo was on another level of expensive.

First stop: Vigelandsparken You can easily spend the whole afternoon exploring this park which is the world’s largest sculpture park made by one artist and entrance is free (an essential buzzword in this city) which makes it more appealing. What’s a trip without a little twerking action? We decided to spice things up and record a dance video which attracted a few stares as you can imagine. Cue in the song “Thotiana” by Blueface

Buss down Norwegiana

All that walking (or should I say twerking) left us feeling peckish, we headed to our second stop Mathallen Oslo an indoor food market with hopes of redeeming our hunger with some unique culinary experiences. To be honest with most meal prices starting from £12 and above I could not justify the spend instead I stuck to the snacks I had brought with me. Bringing snacks on day trips is a must to help cut down the costs if you are on a budget.

Afterwards we headed back into the city to visit the Royal Palace, on our way there we stumbled upon some awesome street art/murals and we had to stop for a few pictures of course!

Architect enthusiasts eat your heart out! The jaw dropping iconic structure of Oslo Opera House was our final stop. Walking up the diagonal roof offers views of the city and a great picnic place or to just watch the sunset.

As our trip concluded and we headed back to the airport, I reflected upon how Oslo topped the list of the most expensive cities I have travelled to and wanted to know how other cities matched up to this.

A simple tweet triggered a few shocking responses from fellow travellers. No surprise Oslo featured a few times see below some of the responses.

Reykjavik! Iceland is cheap if you’re just there for nature. But a 9700kr ($80US) shot of whiskey later and you’ll agree Reykjavik can get pricey!— She Went To Spain (@SheWentToSpain)

Basel – £60 for a fondue for 2 people, thats for a bowl of cheese and some bread folks.— Chris Durning (@rtisantraveller)

$17 dollar cocktails + tip in NYC we wanted to flip the bar over ?

Also, OSLO.— YT: #FlightsAndFeelings (@flightsfeelings)

Paid £42 for 3 MacDonalds meals ?!!— Sarah (@SarahBoneVoyage)

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