When in Budapest: Twerk at Szchenyi Thermal Bath

April 17, 2019

The saying goes “the early bird catches the worm” and this bird was up catching night buses at 4am heading to Stansted airport. 

O the things we do for travel! 

The drawback of day trips has to be the super early wake up call however the benefits of spending a day exploring a new city, tasting delicious foods and living your best life outweighs the lack of sleep.

Arriving at Budapest airport we stopped by the tourist office- public transport is inexpensive a group day pass set us back roughly £8 in total (£2 each). Hungary has its own currency (Hungarian Forint) however some places do accept Euros regardless having a currency card is always recommended to avoid converting cash. 

The trip was joined by Tee  @stwfblog, Davida  @wondersofwanders and Meka @blkgrljournal. With a map of the city in one hand and excitement we boarded the bus 200E ready to explore the city. From reading other blog posts the city boasts with amazing nightlife, stunning architecture and authentic food to rave home about, we were here for the latter.

Kicking off, we visited the Buda Castle followed by the Fisherman’s Bastion, from this vantage point you get beautiful city views of the Danube River and Parliament building. 

If like me you are a sucker for men in uniform then make sure you catch the change of horse guards this ceremonial choreography takes place every hour in front of Alexander Palace.

After admiring the city, we slipped into our swimsuits finishing off the afternoon at Szechenyi Thermal Bath.
It is a good idea to bring your own flip flops. Yes the baths were full of old and middle aged men, yes we received some stares but who cares. With sunny spells, the weather cooperated enough for us to take some shots for the gram and even twerk in the largest medicinal bath in Europe ;0)

All for fun ?

Fun over we dried up and headed for dinner. Instead of opting for a traditional dish like goulash we dined in Wasabi Extra an all you can eat sushi restaurant. Faces stuffed we reflected on the days adventures and how the city’s charm exceed our expectations. I am glad to have left out some things to do and see on a future trip as the city is worth returning to.

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